Tnpsc General English study Material Part A 1.Words and Phrases

part A 1(tnpsc english study material)

General English is one of the important sections in all TNPSC Examinations. We provide Tnpsc general English study material for aspiring candidates in a precise manner. You can easily score 90+ marks in Group 2, 2A, group 4  exams with our Tnpsc general English study material which are available free on our website.

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Tnpsc General English study material – PART A 1.Phrases:

A phrase which combines a verb with preposition or adverb or both and that functions as a verb whose meaning is different from the combined meanings of the individual words

act on – act according to an effect

act up to – act fully

act for – officiate

bear out – confirm

breakdown – fail to lose composure health

break up – end

break in – enter illegally interrupt

back up – support

back out – quit

bring in – earn

bring on – produce

bring up – rear

call off – cancel

call for – require

call up – to calling

call down – reprimand

cut down – reduce

cut in – interrupt

cut off – stop

cut out – have talent

come in – arrive, be useful

come up – arise

come about – happen

come across – find by chance

come round – change

come under – included

die out – stop existing

die away – decrease sound

do for – serve the purpose

do with – manage

do over – again

draw on – depend

draw up – write

drawback – retreat

drop in – informal visit

drop out – leave

fall in – collapse

fall out – quarrel

fall off – decrease

fall through – fail

fall to – begin

fall behind – make less progress

fall back on – depend

get up – rise from bed

get in – enter

get off – leave

get through – succeed

get away – escape

give up – abandon/discontinue something

give in – surrender/yield

give away – distribute

go into – examine

go for – attack

go at – attack

go off – leave/proceed/explode

go ahead – continue/make progress

go without – manage without

go through – pass through

go back on – fail to keep promise

go down – believe

go ahead of – pass/take over

go after – chase

go about – perform

go with – match

hand on – transmithand in – submit

hand over – transfer

hand down – give

hang on – hold

hang out – frequent

hold on – wait

hold up – delay

hold over – postpone

keep up – to keep

away – to avoid going near

keep on – to continue

keep off – to avoid

knock out – stop working

knockdown – struck

layout – arrange

lay down – establish

let in – allow to enter

let out – release

let down – disappoint

look after – take care of

look ahead – plan for future

look around – search

look for – search

look into – make an investigation

look on – regard as

make of – understand

make up – invent a story

make off – escape/steal

make up for – compensate

run for – contest election

run over – hit with

run after – follow

see about – deal withsee to – attend to

set out – start

set in – begin

set up – establish

set apart – keep away

stand against – oppose

stand up for – defend/support

stand for – represent

stand upon – depend

set on – determined

take down – write

take to – to start liking

take up – to continue

take for – mistake for

turn up – to be found

turn off – return

turn over – attend

turn down – reject

wait on – wait forwatch out – be careful

work out – solve

work off – dispose

write down – record

write up – compose

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