Part B. 7. Karl Paulnack’s

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Part B. 7. Karl Paulnack's

In ‘Music – The Hope Raiser’ Dr. Karl Paulnack says: “The Greeks said that music and astonomy were two sides of the same coin”. ‘Two sides of the same coin’ would mean

1. similar in every way
2. Similar in approach but different in aim
3. Opposite in every way
4. None of the above

Identify the incorrect statement.

1. Listening to music agitates our minds
2. music consoles and soothes out aching hearts
3. Music refreshes and rejuvenates our minds
4. Music strengthens our hopes

The first organized activity that I saw in New York, on the very evening of September 11th 2001 was singing.

1. Music is a part of “art and entertainment”
2. Music is amusement
3. Music is a past time
4. Music is one of the ways in which we express feelings.

“Music” The Hope raiser is written by

1. Oscar Wilde
2. Robert Frost
3. Dr. Karl Paulnack
4. Kalpana Sharma

Paulnack was the director of the music division at ________

1. The Boston Conservatory
2. The philharmonic Royal
3. The France School of Arts
4. The Manhattan Academy

Which one of the following statement is not related to the lesson “Music – The Hope Raiser?

1. Music is a basic need of human survival
2. Music is one of the ways we make sense. of our lives.
3. Music is a luxury and lavish thing
4. Music is not an extravaganza or a hoppy

________ composed the German Requiem.

1. Messiaen
2. Johannes brahms
3. Charles Tindley
4. Karl Paulnack

Dr. Karl Paulnack assures that failure of peace for humankind lies in the hands of

1. students
2. statesmen
3. artists
4. sonata

Which among the options best explains the role of a DJ?

1. Someone who introduces speakers in an event
2. Someone who arranges discs in a shop
3. Someone who plays CDs and records in a club or restaurant
4. Someone who acts as an anchor in a ceremony

At high school Paulnack scored good grades in ______

1. Science and Maths
2. Science and Arts
3. Science and Arts
4. Science and Arts

The first Asian composer to score a symphony for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is __________

1. Naushad
2. Ustad Bade Ali Khan
3. A.R. Rehman
4. Ilaiyaraja

How did Oliver Messiaen spend his time in prison?

1. He maintained the garden
2. He spent his time in singing songs
3. He wrote musical compositions
4. He read storybooks

Identify the city where the following song was sung by the people. “We shall overcome”

1. New York
2. Manhattan
3. German
4. Tennessee

Read the passage and select the correct statement: “_______ Music is not part of” arts and entertainment” ________ It is not a luxury, a lavish thing

1. Music is not essential
2. Music is an entertainment
3. Music is a pastime
4. Music is indispensable

Dr. Karl Paulnack, The director of the music divisions, is a _____

1. Guitarist
2. Violinist
3. Pianist
4. Cellist

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Part B. 7. Karl Paulnack's

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