Part A 12.Find out the Error

part a 12(tnpsc english study material)

Some of these sentences are grammatically correct and some are incorrect. Corrections are given in the brackets.

  1. I met an European (a European)
  2. Viji’s father is a MLA (an MLA)
  3. They are going to Himalayas (to the )
  4. Vasu prefers milk than tea (milk to)
  5. A bunch of keys were found in my car (was found)
  6. one of the boy looks happy (boys)
  7. We bought lot of furnitures (furniture)
  8. mathematics are my favorite Subject (is my)
  9. Vinu wanted an one rupee coin (a one rupee)
  10. My father is a honest man (an honest)
  11. Divide this apple among Robert and Ram(between)
  12. I go to school on bus(by)



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