Part B. 9.Comprehension Questions from the description of places

part b 9 online quiz

Part B. 9.Comprehension Questions from the description of places

Where is Milam Glacier located?

1. Northwest of Munsiyari
2. Northeast of Munsiyari
3. East of Munsiyari
4. South of Munsiyari

For how many days were they stranded at Milam?

1. Four days
2. Five days
3. Three days
4. Eight days

The surrounding of Yaanaimalai look beautiful with _________

1. Coconut trees
2. Palmyra trees
3. Pine trees
4. Banyan trees

What was the author's childhood wish?

1. to run around the elephant hill
2. to play on the elephant hill
3. to climb on the elephant hill
4. to fly over the elephant hill by helicopter

Who build the Brihadeeswarar temple?

1. King Rajendra Chola
2. King Karikal Chola
3. King Raja Raja Chola
4. King Mahendra Varman

Who build the Tanjore palace?

1. The Cholas
2. The Marathas
3. The pandias
4. The Nayaks

The statue(s) housed in the Art Gallery of the Royal museum is/are_______

1. Vishnu and Ganesha
2. Nataraja
3. Buddha
4. All the three

What is the height of the Vimanam in the Brihadeewarar temple?

1. 216 feet
2. 316 feet
3. 116 feet
4. 236 feet

British English - American English: Fellow

1. Person
2. man
3. guy
4. boy

British English to - American English : Terminus

1. stand
2. depot
3. terminal stand
4. workshop

What did King Raja Raja, his sister and his queens to the Brihadeeswarar temple?

1. Gold
2. Silver
3. Platinum
4. Gold and silver

Who renovated the Tanjore palace?

1. The Nayaks
2. The Marathas
3. The Cholas
4. The Cheras

Where is the Brihadeeswarar temple located?

1. Trichy
2. Madurai
3. Chidambaram
4. Tanjore

During which seasons do the plants, at the food of the palmyra trees over 'Yaanaimalai', burst their yellow flowers?

1. winter season
2. summer season
3. spring season
4. autumn season

Name the villages that were abandoned due to Indo-China War.

1. Burfu
2. Bilju
3. Bhutia
4. Ragesh Kund

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Part B. 9.Comprehension Questions from the description of places

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