Part B. 8.Comprehension Questions From Motivational Essays

part b 8 online quiz

Part B. 8.Comprehension Questions From Motivational Essays

Which period of the life does Gokhale consider a very happy one?

1. childhood
2. studenthood
3. boyhood
4. manhood

What requires a remedy in this world?

1. injustice
2. sufferings
3. poverty
4. injustice and sufferings

Who became a leader par excellence?

1. Jawaharlal Nehru
2. Gandhi
3. Gopalakrishna Gokhale
4. Lal Bahadur Sastri

What is our most valuable resource?

1. wealth
2. time
3. education
4. none of these

What resource is required to attain the developed status?

1. human resource
2. natural resources
3. oil resource
4. water resources

What problems do we face?

1. social problems
2. economic problems
3. socio-economic problems
4. no problem

How many runs did he score?

1. two runs
2. one run
3. three runs
4. five runs

Who should lead and guide the team?

1. the captain
2. the umpire
3. the players
4. none

Who was Diwan Singh?

1. Head postman
2. Villager
3. Millitary man
4. Headman of the village

Whom did Saruli request to help her?

1. her father
2. her mother
3. her friends
4. the district forest officer

Whom doesn’t the poet want to become?

1. pilot, scientist, etc.
2. tree
3. ocean
4. a range of mountains

What does the poet want to be?

1. dancer
2. lawyer
3. musician
4. tree or ocean or mountain

Where did Saruli live?

1. town
2. small village
3. city
4. metropolitan city

Why are people confused?

1. due to problems in life
2. due to lack of money
3. due to illiteracy
4. none of these

What was our her’s plan?

1. to score atleast 50 runs
2. to score double centuries
3. to score a centuries
4. to score atleast 25 runs

All 15 questions completed!

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Part B. 8.Comprehension Questions From Motivational Essays

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