The Largest Deserts in the World for TNPSC Exams – General Awareness Download

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Important Deserts remain an important topic to be asked in the general awareness section in all the tnpsc exams. Download the list of forests in India- general awareness topic from here.

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Rank Name Place and Country Type Area (Km 2 )
1 Antarctica Antartica Cold Winter 14000000
2 Arctic Artic Cold Winter 13985000
3 Sahara North Africa Subtropical 9000000
4 Arabian Desert Western Asia Subtropical 2330000
5 Gobi Desert Central Asia (China and Mangolia) Cold Winter 1000000
6 Kalahari Desert Southern Africa Subtropical 900000
7 Great Victoria Desert Australia Subtropical 647000
8 Patagonian Desert South America (Argentina and Chile) Cold Winter 620000
9 Syrian Desert Western Asia (Iraq, Jordan and Syria) Subtropical 520000
10 Great Basin Desert United States Cold Winter 492000
11 Chihuahuan Desert North America (Mexico and USA) Subtropical 450000
12 Great Sandy Desert Australia Subtropical 400000
13 Karakum Desert Turkmenistan Cold Winter 350000
14 Colorado Plateau United States Cold Winter 337000
15 Sonoran Desert North America (Mexico and USA ) Suptropical 310000
16 Kyzylkum Desert Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) Cold Winter 300000
17 Taklamakan Desert China Cold Winter 270000
18 Thar Desert South Asia (India and Pakistan) Subtropical 200000
19 Gibson Desert Australia Subtropical 156000
20 Dasht-E Margo Afghanistan Subtropical 150000
21 Registan Desert Afghanistan Subtropical 146000
22 Simpson Desert Australia Subtropical 145000
23 Atacama Desert South America (Chile and Peru) Cool Coastal 140000
24 Mojave Desert United States Subtropical 124000
25 Namib Desert Southern Africa (Angola and Namibia) Cool Coastal 81000
26 Dasht –E Kavir Iran Subtropical 77000
27 Dasht – E Loot Iran Subtropical 52000

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